Dr. Hubert Landry

Research Scientist



Dr. Hubert Landry holds engineering degrees from Université Laval (B.Sc.A 1999 and M.Sc. 2000) and the University of Saskatchewan (Ph.D. 2005). His passion is the application of numerical modeling and simulation to investigate environment-machine-product interactions with the objective of better understanding, designing, and optimizing mechanical systems.


Dr. Landry's primary expertise in is the modeling and simulation of granular flows using the discrete element method (DEM). He has also investigated the performance of mechanical systems using other methods, for instance vehicle systems under ballistic (FEA) and blast (coupled CFD-FEA) loads.


Dr. Landry has more than 15 years of experience in the analysis of mechanical systems, with an emphasis on off-highway machinery. His R&D expertise has been recognized by the scientific and industry communities.