Force Simulation Test Equipment

Force Simulation Test EquipmentWESTEST is equipped with a highly specialized suite of force simulation test tools that allow us to provide a broad range of structural and mechanical test services. At the heart of the force simulation equipment is our MTS FlexTest controller that provides precision closed-loop test control, function generation, and data acquisition for a wide range of test applications. It has multi-channel control capabilities, allowing independent and simultaneous control of multiple test inputs. In combination with our servo-hydraulic actuators, load cells, and displacement transducers, this controller provides a high degree of customizable mechanical test options to meet our clients needs.

Features of WESTEST’s Force Simulation Equipment:

  • An extremely flexible servo-controlled hydraulic actuation system supported by a 341 L/m (90 GPM) hydraulic power supply.
  • Multi-channel control capability.
  • A broad range of load-control options, from simple sinusoidal inputs for fatigue evaluations, to RPC simulation for more representative evaluations.
  • A high degree of customization for applying a variety of loading conditions from single-channel harmonic analysis to multi-channel dynamic representations under simultaneous loading conditions.
  • Control flexibility using a variety of known inputs such as force, displacement, or strain in addition to derived parameters such as energy.
  • The ability to generate inputs up to 100 Hz with resulting accelerations as high as 2 G, depending on the load.

WESTEST’s Servo-Controlled Hydraulic Actuator Equipment Consists of:

  • 11,000 lb actuators with 6-inch displacement (quantity of 2).
  • 22,000 lb actuators with 10-inch displacement (quantity of 2).
  • 24,000 lb actuators with 36-inch displacement (quantity of 2).
  • 50,000 lb actuators with 12-inch displacement (quantity of 2).
  • 80,000 lb actuators with 20-inch displacement (quantity of 2).
  • 145,000 lb actuator with 20-inch displacement (quantity of 1).

These actuators can be applied to a test set-up in any combination for applying up to four independent and simultaneous loads to a test sample. WESTEST also has an assortment of load cells that can be paired with each of these actuators and used for real-time force measurement and data capturing. Please contact us to discuss your specific test requirements.

Test Services 

In addition to these specific test services, our force simulation test equipment can be configured for proof load testing, ultimate load testing, or any number of customized testing applications.

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