WESTEST serves several industries in Western Canada and throughout North America, with many of our clients working with us since 1991. 

On- and Off-Road Transportation

On-road and off-road transportation vehicles face heavy demands for durability, functional performance and safety. Optimizing design means carefully striking a balance between these critical attributes without any dangerous compromise.

We understand that optimum design comes from a strategy that combines design and physical testing to advance swiftly but carefully from concept to roll-out. WESTEST has the physical testing equipment and know-how, and can collaborate effectively in the design/development function.

Our knowledge of design and testing standards for on-road vehicles, and our skill that goes beyond the beaten track for off-road vehicles will make us valuable partners on your design team.

Our transportation equipment expertise extends to bus, freight, trucks, and recreational vehicles. 

Hauling, Construction and Heavy Equipment

Manufacturers of hauling, construction and heavy equipment need to be assured their equipment designs meet the quality, durability and longevity standards their customers expect for operating in demanding and unforgiving environments. WESTEST has the test equipment and protocols to accurately predict field performance that reduces design, production, downtime and warranty costs.

Heavy Duty Road Simulator Delivers Key Service

A key WESTEST service is the Heavy Duty Road Simulator that enables manufacturers to conduct highly reliable design-life durability tests in a compressed time period in a fully equipped laboratory. In addition, all vehicle testing is performed in a secure environment where confidentiality is assured.

WESTEST can also conduct powertrain and driveline performance and durability programs, emissions development, calibration, exhaust aftertreatment, and certification projects for heavy and medium duty engines. Engine application tests are increasingly important considering today's environmental issues.

Typical equipment our clients test include graders, gravel trucks, dozers, backhoes, front-end loaders.

Mining Equipment

The mining sector faces a variety of unique challenges related to equipment evaluation and assessment. Mining applications typically consist of 24-7 duty cycles under extreme loads in a wide variety of environmental conditions.

In addition to structural durability challenges, engine and cooling system application validations, and stability analysis, regulatory agencies are mandating safety related verifications such as ROPS, FOPS, TOPS and OPS.

Typical mining-industry equipment our clients test includes underground vehicles and surface equipment.

Agriculture Equipment

Our professionals have a history of machinery testing and development that has spurred technological advances across the spectrum of agricultural production. We understand that agricultural machines must function effectively and consistently sometimes under harsh conditions and through narrow windows of opportunity. We can help build the needed functionality and reliability into agricultural machines to get their job done.

Services include design, development, fabrication and testing of prototype machinery and components for, but not limited to, the following equipment: tractors, harvesting equipment, hay equipment, tillage equipment, and seeding equipment.

Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles must meet specialized and unique reliability and performance specifications to ensure they are available as and when needed. Our in-depth experience working with emergency vehicle manufacturers gives us the knowledge and insight to deliver critical service and performance testing to assure our clients' products deliver the reliability and specifications expected.

WESTEST has the broad knowledge and experience to test the following emergency response vehicles: ambulances, fire trucks, and law-enforcement vehicles.

Alternative Energy Equipment

For generations we have been reliant upon energy derived from fossil fuels to satisfy the insatiable demand for energy by our expanding global economies. The result is widely recognized as one of the single biggest issues that we face today. Governments across the globe are committed to supporting technologies that provide an alternative for the future and enable both consumers and business to play their part. WESTEST is at the forefront of providing solutions that enable this to happen.


Today, there is no shortage of information available relating to the emerging alternative-fuels industry. Understanding the effects of these fuels on vehicle performance is a growing area of expertise for WESTEST.

Wind Energy

WESTEST expertise in wind monitoring programs can provide value-added services from site assessment to system design, installation and maintenance.