Remote Parameter Control (RPC) Simulation

In combination with our Force Simulation EquipmentMAST SystemVertical Vibration Table, and Horizontal Vibration Table, WESTEST uses MTS Remote Parameter Control (RPC) simulation software to replicate real-world loading conditions in the lab. The RPC simulation software provides precise test control by accurately playing back force, displacement, or acceleration data captured in-field or on-road for lab-based durability testing. Using the RPC software, multiple load inputs can be reproduced simultaneously while maintaining the proper load sequencing, phases, frequencies, and amplitudes for a very accurate simulation of field or road events. This allows WESTEST to assess the durability of individual components or whole machines right in the lab to elevate confidence or quickly pinpoint flaws with new designs. This invaluable test technique provides clients with fast and cost-effective design validation testing to confidently bring to market equipment and parts with proven durability and reliability.

The Typical RPC Process Involves:

  • capturing road or field data,
  • preparing the accelerated test input files by editing the road or field data to remove any "low-damaging" event data, concentrating the test on the event’s that are causing the most damage, and
  • loading the test specimen into the test fixture or onto the vibration table, performing system tuning, and commencing the accelerated durability test.

WESTEST has the equipment and expertise to assist clients through any and all stages of this process.

 Advantages of RPC Simulation Testing Include:

  • Lower costs - components can be tested without building or shipping an entire prototype vehicle or machine.
  • Drastically reduced product-development timelines.
  • All weather testing - tests are done in the lab
  • Rapid, easy, and repeatable comparisons during product design – different prototype designs can be accurately and rapidly compared.
  • No downtime due to unrelated problems associated with prototype vehicles/machines.
  • Simulation testing allows for easier monitoring of test samples for damage in a clean lab environment.

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