Terramechanics Stand


Terramechanics StandThe terramechanics stand (also commonly known as the Soil Bin) allows for the interaction between soil and soil-engaging tools to be studied in a controlled environment. When used in conjunction with extensive data acquisition and video capabilities, a wide range of performance data can be acquired from the various mechanical components while the tools are engaged with the soil.


Length (Soil)

48 ft

14.6 m

Width (Soil)

7.5 ft

2.3 m

Depth (Soil)

2.5 ft

0.76 m


6.6 mph

10.6 km/h

Vertical Loading Table

10,000 lb

44.5 kN

Vertical Adjustment

4 ft

1.2 m

Remote Hydraulic Motor

10 hp

7.5 kW

Drive Hydraulic Motor

30 hp

22.4 kW

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