Tilt Tables

Tilt Tables WESTEST operates three Tilt Tables with different capacities and capabilities. The Tilt Tables are most often used to help organizations meet certain safety standards and requirements. Common evaluations conducted using this equipment include:

  • Basic static roll stability of heavy commercial vehicles
  • Grade holding capability for park brake performance
  • Hydraulic system performance tests for agricultural tractors and industrial machinery under on-slope operating conditions
  • Determining the center of gravity location on vehicles or other machinery


Heavy Vehicle Tilt Table

Platform: 5.9 m X 6 m (19 ft X 20 ft)

Capacity: 24.5 tonnes (54,000 lb) to 45º

Heavy duty 10.7 m (35 ft) long tracks can be added to the Heavy Vehicle Tilt Table to accommodate longer wheelbases and mass up to 29.5 tonnes (65,000 lb.)

Heavy Vehicle Tilt Table 2

Platform: 6.1 m x 6 m (20 ft x 20 ft)

Capacity: 36.3 tonnes (80,000 lb)

This table is equipped with removable plates to access tie down points for safety chains and can accommodate a wide range of heavy agricultural, industrial, or construction vehicles.

Tilt Table

Platform: 3 m X 7.3 m (10 ft X 24 ft)

Capacity: 12 tonnes (26,500 lb)

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