Combine Loss Evaluation

The unique WESTEST Combine Evaluation System is most commonly used for combine capacity testing - measuring grain loss versus combine feed rate. This sophisticated equipment is capable of measuring four components of loss:



  • rotor/separator free grain

  • rotor/separator unthreshed grain

  • cleaning system free grain

  • cleaning system unthreshed grain


The Combine Evaluation System has the capability to weigh the collected Material Other than Grain (MOG) of each sample collected.


Why Conduct This Type of Testing?


This testing method provides highly accurate data for comparisons of whole combines, sub-systems, and individual components. It can also be used to verify accuracy of certain sensors and other combine intelligence. 


Standards Testing



  • ANSI/ASAE S396.3 Combine Capacity and Performance Test Procedure: intended to provide the basic requirements for a uniform procedure for measuring and reporting combine capacity, as defined in American National Standard ANSI/ASAE S343, Terminology for Combines and Grain Harvesting. Because crop conditions are variable and uncontrollable, the procedure provides only for the comparative testing of one combine, or one combine configuration, relative to another, in a particular crop condition.

  • Don't see a Standards Test you require? We've done hundreds of these tests and are able to set up and customize Combine Evaluation System to accommodate a wide range of requirements. Contact us for help.




Test Equipment 



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