Hydraulic Cylinder Performance Testing

WESTEST hydraulic cylinder testing capabilities include cylinder friction test, cycle test, impulse endurance test, drift rate test (piston seal leakage), proof pressure test (apply 200% rated pressure with piston at mid-stroke). The hydraulic cylinder test system can be configured for testing single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders.



Hydraulic Power Unit
WESTEST hydraulic cylinder test equipment is powered by a hydraulic power unit (HPU) capable of 20 GPM at 3000 psi, sized for testing hydraulic cylinder with rated (working) pressures of 3000 psi. The HPU has an 80 Imperial gallon fluid reservoir that can be filled with Client specified hydraulic fluid and maintained at temperatures up to 80°C.


Cycle Test
The hydraulic cylinder cycle test equipment is capable of testing cylinders with inner diameters of up to 4 inches. The fixture can be configured for testing 1, 2, or 3 cylinders simultaneously. When testing 1 or 2 cylinders, the test equipment can accommodate cylinders up to approximately 56 inches mid-stroke length (or roughly 41 inches retracted length). The maximum cylinder length for testing 3 cylinders simultaneously is about 23 inches mid-stroke length (or roughly 17 inches retracted length). With many different cylinder designs, it is recommended that the test cylinder specs be reviewed by WESTEST engineers to verify that it fits the test setup. The cycle test equipment is also used for the cylinder friction and drift rate tests.


Impulse Endurance Test
WESTEST impulse endurance test fixture is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of cylinder sizes. The fixture is used to rigidly secure up to three test cylinders at their mid-stroke length, as required for the test. It can accommodate hydraulic cylinders with mid-stroke lengths up to 60 inches. WESTEST also uses the impulse endurance fixture for the proof pressure tests.


Standards Testing



  • SAE J1334 Hydraulic Cylinder Integrity Test: To provide a laboratory method for determining the structural integrity of a double acting hydraulic cylinder.

  • SAE J1336 Hydraulic Cylinder Leakage Test: To provide a laboratory method for determining the capability of a cylinder to seal fluid under specified cycling or holding conditions.

  • Don't see a Standards Test you require? Our hydraulic cylinder test equipment is highly customizable to accommodate a wide range of test requirements. Contact us for details.


WESTEST Advantage 


WESTEST has an array of instrumentation and data acquisition equipment used to monitor and record various parameters throughout the testing cycle. Monitoring these parameters allows WESTEST to ensure accurate control and provide test records to the client.