Mower Testing

WESTEST is equipped to provide mower manufacturers with trusted, reliable testing protocols to test their products to Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and American Society of Agricultural Engineer (ASAE) standards. These standards ensure mower safety to the operator, passers-by, and surrounding property.


One test involves dropping an operating mower onto a two inch diameter steel pin. To pass, the mower must operate for two seconds without causing damage to the mower that is dangerous to the operator or anyone nearby.


Another test involves dropping nails and steel slugs through the top of the mower housing to simulate debris hitting the mower blade. The quantity of nails and slugs thrown out of the mower is evaluated.


These test results help mower manufacturers design their product with safety features that minimize risks.


WESTEST Advantage 


WESTEST works with manufactures from Canada and the United States to improve mower performance and safety. Undertaking strict safety requirements, we offer standard and custom test set-ups to meet our clients' requirements. WESTEST is one of the only testing agencies in Western Canada to offer engineering mower testing. 


Test Equipment 



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