Re-engineering and Product Modification

WESTEST is able to assess your existing product(s) and review all possible functional and technical information. In the process, WESTEST uses our broad experience and network of worldwide sources to provide you with the necessary input that can:



  • Reduce your manufacturing and material expenses

  • Reduce warranty costs

  • Increase your profitability

  • Improve customer satisfaction


Although the optimization process is best done during product development, we recognize this is not always possible due to time constraints. It can take the form of material optimization, design optimization or manufacturing optimization. 


Material Optimization 


As technology progresses, better production methods for different materials are being developed. Some materials become less desirable or hard to find, while alternative materials may become readily available, often with a significant cost advantage.


In other cases, production materials may have performance qualities that are superfluous to the application and add unnecessary costs. Finding materials just right for your components can make the difference between success and failure.


Design Optimization 


As new markets become available, manufacturers often find the most economical approach is to identify existing products to fill these markets. However, product performance often does not fully meet expectations without a complete review of the application’s fit form and function. 


Design optimization allows you to economically adjust your existing product design without having to undertake a complete and costly redesign and retooling.


Manufacturing Process Optimization


A product or component that is well designed to fully achieve its application requirements may face excessively high manufacturing costs. Reviewing manufacturing techniques with the objective of implementing more economical processes or reducing scrap waste can greatly affect manufacturing costs.