Rear Impact Guard Testing

Rear Impact Guards are required by Transport Canada and US D.O.T. to protect the driving public in the event of a collision at the rear of a trailer, heavy truck or other large vehicles. Requirements are clearly stated in the Federal and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS/CMVSS).


Standards Testing



  • CMVSS 223: Test Method 223 — Rear Impact Guard (December 2003) is to be used for demonstrating compliance with the requirements of Section 223 of Schedule IV to the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (MVSR).

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WESTEST Advantage


WESTEST clients range from large trailer manufacturers to agriculture equipment manufacturers to bus manufacturers. They trust WESTEST to perform Rear Impact Guard Testing because of our commitment to using properly calibrated and maintained equipment operated by trained engineers. Using load cells, the MTS Flex Test Controller, and hydraulic actuators ensures accurate and precise results. Customize test set-ups are available to accommodate all your needs.