Testing Equipment

Terramechanics Stand

The terramechanics stand (also commonly known as a soil bin) allows for the interaction between soil and soil-engaging tools to be studied in a controlled environment. The carriage of the stand allows for custom mounting of different sizes and configurations of tools allowing for the study of:

  • optimal seed and fertilizer placement
  • draft measurements
  • soil compaction
  • tire traction
  • rolling resistance
  • soil/tool interaction
  • control strategies for soil engaging tools
  • effectiveness of land mine clearing tools
When used in conjunction with PAMI's extensive data acquisition and video capabilities, a wide range of performance data can be acquired from the various mechanical components while the tools are engaged with the soil.

Terramechanics Stand Specifications

Length (Soil) 48 ft 14.6 m
Width (Soil) 7.5 ft 2.3 m
Depth (Soil) 2.5 ft 0.76 m
Speed 6.6 mph 10.6 km/h
Vertical Loading Table 10,000 lb 44.5 kN
Vertical Adjustment 4 ft 1.2 m
Remote Hydraulic Motor 10 hp 7.5 kW
Drive Hydraulic Motor 30 hp 22.4 kW


Using the terramechanics stand through the product design and development process allows:
  • Repeatable testing in consistent conditions.
  • Year round testing as a result of being located in doors.
  • Comparative testing of multiple tools.
  • Can be customized for other types of projects that can benefit from the linear carriage motion.




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